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Crowd Fund the Affiliates Profits

Crowd Affiliates is all about the image of commerce. It is a great tool to share all revenue from free accounts and sales from amazon,clickbank and other affiliates products among members in cooperative system.Crowd Affiliates will crowd fund the revenue to create portfolios in partnership with members as offshore and onshore investments as franchises and subsidiaries in individual localities as an extension of US base conglomerate,a diversified investments.Crowd affiliates will take investments in the major sectors of economy in many countries across five continents of the globe.

What We Do

As an affiliate in FREE earning accounts of bitcoin,video and in Amazon and other Affiliate Marketing programs i choice to crowd my earnings through cooperative system. Cooperative System is what you get that you will altimately give. This is just a working system of cooperative. I choose to do this by crowd fund my affiliates earnings.This makes all the member of this site to earn from Affiliate programs as much as from cooperative system to create portfolios among the members as offshore and onshore investments in partnership projects .

Building a Team of Entrepreneurs.

We simply set out to build entrepreneurs by crowd fund every penny spent by individual into great business in partnerships through cooperative system. 

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Crowd Funding the Affiliates Profits among members in cooperative system in three stages.

  • Silver-Free
  • Referral Earnings - $0
  • Reinvest - $0
  • Earnings - $5
  • Admin Earnings - $0
  • Contribution Points - 5,000
  • $ 0.001

    unit of contribution
  • Gold
  • Referral Earnings - $100
  • Reinvest $250
  •  Earnings - $250
  • Admin Earnings $150
  • Contribution Points - 150
  • $ 5

    unit of contribution
  • Platinum
  • Referral Earnings - $10,000
  • Reinvest - $25,000
  • Earnings - $25,000
  • Admin Earnings - $15,000
  • Contribution Points - 150
  • $ 500

    unit of contribution